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CCGroup Janitorial Cleaning

You want a cleaning service that arrives to scheduled appointments and meetings as required. One that is available to you when you require them. You expect to find your facility fresh, clean, and ready to welcome customers and employees. CCGroup Cleaning Teams can be this commercial cleaner.

Cleanings are done to your specification and on your time frame. Regular cleanings include trash removal, restroom sanitizing, hard floor maintenance, and vacuuming. Your office will be maintained in impeccable form with CCGroup Cleaning Team performed janitorial service.

We believe customers appreciate a quality job, and our commitment to that starts with our staff. We don’t just promise the same level of excellence every time. We deliver.

When you give us the keys to your building, that’s an awesome responsibility. That’s why we have great staff in your building every night, so you get to know them and trust them.

Construction Sites, building maintenance, lobby maintenance, restroom cleaning, and much more are required daily, in offices and buildings to keep your business running clean and smooth, and to provide your employees with a clean, healthy working environment. When you're ready for daily porter services, CCGroup Cleaning Team are the contractors you need.

From ceiling to floor, your office will be dusted, mopped and ready to welcome customers and employees. Additional office cleanings during holidays and special events are also not a problem.

Your Cleaning Company Should Be Able to...

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Truck mount carpet cleaning

  • Spot cleaning services

  • Janitorial cleaning

  • Industrial cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Contract cleaning

  • Medical cleaning

  • Water extraction

  • Floor buffing

  • Floor waxing

  • Floor scrubbing

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Construction Site Clean Up Services

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